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Live laugh look at these photographs. Every winner from all the categories from the 2021 Whalebone Photo Contest…a photo of an octopus and a lot of other really nice things to look at.


Guest editors Momentum Generation. Community, connection, heritage and history. Why the hell do surfers like to surf in freezing water. Sterling Spencers Master Class for Pro Surfers. Some of the best surf photographers in the World. Duke Paoa Kahanamoku. Surf parks. Afrosurfonomics.


Several dads’ advice on how to survive in the wild. Interview with the Red Hat Man JR Harris. Saving the condors. Campfire stories. How to forage for dinner. A celebration of Indigenous knowledge and culture. The humbling nature of…nature. Q/A with @nationalparkservice. And plenty of bug spray. Featuring Whalebone’s first ever pull-out map.


A lot of information about eggs. A fever dream where cereal killers are out there. Recipes from good humans and better chefs like Eduardo Garcia, Earthy Andy and JJ Johnson. A “lucid” history of doughnuts. Main feature interview(s)—Gordon Ramsay & Molly Baz.


The queens of country music. Jolene’s rebuttal. Bad-ass women aka the “Dollys” of their field. Perspectives from a few Dolly photographers. Spotlight Tennesse. The Rhinestone system. The greatest Christmas album of all time. What do your jeans say about you? The Dollywood coaster rating. And plenty of Dolly herself.

The Costa Rica Issue

How to live to be 100 years old. Main feature interview with pro-surfer Carlos Munoz. What animals to avoid petting when visiting Costa Rica. Football (soccer) you can play anywhere. Couple of sloths. How a Costa Rican coffee bean makes its way to a Brooklyn coffee shop. A closer look at the budding art scene around the country. A helpful map to find your way. Pura vida.

The 2023 Photo Issue

Every winner from all the categories from the 2023 Whalebone Photo Contest: Adventure, Water, Human, Film, Delight.  Interviews with 2023 Judges including, Wally Koval, Donal Boyd and Emma Reeves. ISPY with Accidentally Wes Anderson. The Great Outdoors with Parks Project.

The 2023 Music Issue

How to work in the family band with Tegan and Sara, Aly +Aj, and more. Portugal. The Man talks making the record and translating art. What to do if you’re caught off-guard at Chili’s with a rendition of “Happy Birthday.” Pro tips for gracing the karaoke stage. Lily Meola and her inspiration for making music and caring for her pet deer. The abbreviated history of hip-hop. The anatomy of an orchestra. And more tunes than you can shake a stick at.

The Pizza Issue

So fresh, you should see the cheese pull. Featuring: an interview with the person who created the Bagel Bites™ jingle, the history of pizza, wild pizza delivery stores, mom & pop pizza shops, pizza around the world, a proper guide to Mystic, Connecticut, how to win free pizza for a year and likely anything else you can think of that is pizza-related.

The Slow Issue

Main feature interview with The Sloth Institute. How to make the best of things that take a very long time. Breath work with Black Girls Breathing.  A field guide to very slow nature. Getting around slow walkers in the city. Accidentally Wes Anderson takes Switzerland. And plenty more slow but steady features.

The Snow Issue

All things good about winter. A spotlight on some of the better cold-weather organizations out there like Protect Our Winter, Chill Foundation, Edge Outdoors and more. The best advice for how to win a snowball fight and summon a snow day. What exactly a day at the Snowdeo looks like.  Perspectives curated by Dean Blotto Gray. Lots of happy little trees.

The Happy Issue

The Flow Trip. A new, good thing from Flow

Hey, you only make your first issue once and it should be pretty dang happy. So what are we smiling about: 

  • Paul Stamets takes us on a trip on the benefits of psilocybin 
  • Kimi Werner helps us live off the land
  • What is happiness? A few thought leaders weigh in
  • Some of the more epic photographers and photos out there 
  • Does anything bring more joy than a blanket fort?
  • A little giveback with Re:wild
  • And plenty-o good vibes

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