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Solar Evaporated Sea Salt

Sunshine and seawater--the only ingredients in our mineral rich, solar evaporated sea salt. Tastes Like: Rich, briny and bright, this salt captures the mineral bounty of our local waters.

Size: 16oz

Raw Solar Evaporated Sea Salt (Extra Coarse)

This is our raw salt, just as it comes out of our greenhouses. All we've done is dry it slightly. It is a wild mixture of blocks, granules, diamonds and all sorts of other shapes and sizes.

Size: 12oz

Bull Kelp Sea Salt

Bull Kelp (Nereocystis lutkeana) is the king of the vegetative water world here in the Pacific Northwest. Use this salt to add "merrior" (like terroir for the sea) to any dish.  Tastes Like: Briny, salty with a deep green earthiness. Try it On: Steamed rice, rock cod, fresh seafood.

Size: 6oz

Madrona Smoked Sea Salt

The Pacific Madrona (Arbutus menziesii) is a beautiful native tree that grows along the West coast on rocky slopes and in forest clearings. Use this salt for adding depth of flavor to sauces, soups and for bringing the flavor of the BBQ inside. Tastes Like: Mellow notes of smoke and caramel Try it On: Fresh garden tomatoes, roasted root vegetables, ground beef.

Size: 6oz

Chili Lime Seasoning Blend

Peppery, tangy, just the right amount of saltiness, this blend immediately transports food to south of the border. Tastes Like: Zesty citrus balanced with the mild heat of red chilis. Try it On: Oysters on the half shell, mango slices and cold corn salad.

Size: 4oz

Friday Harbor Seafood Seasoning Blend

This all purpose seafood blend delights with just the right balance of spice and tang. Enhances the delicate flavors of fish, shrimp and crab without overpowering. Tastes Like: Uniquely peppery, fresh garden herbs, lemony zing. Try it On: Roasted halibut, pan fried shrimp, Westcott Bay oysters.

Size: 3.5oz

Made in Washington

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